World Class University is More Than Just A Title

What does the “world-class university” mean? According to Levin’s paper (2006), the definition of “world-class university” is subjective. It’s one on which there is a widespread agreement of a world-class reputation—that it is one of the best in the world. The lack of an absolute set of performance criteria and measurements may mean that “world-class” title will always be positional, referring to those universities that are at the top of academic reputation than those that fit a class of standards (Levin, 2006). The criteria of world-class university are not only consist of measurable dimensions but also consist of the unmeasurable. To achieve “world class univeristy” title, the universities only concern to attempt addressing visible and measurable dimensions such as research activity, publications, citations, and major faculty awards but they tend to ignore unmeasurable dimensions such as quality of educational process. Relate to the unmeasurable dimensions of criteria of world class university, does the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology fulfill them?
Still according to Levin’s paper, great universities have three major roles: (1) excellence in educating their students; (2) research, development and dissemination of knowledge; and (3) activities contributing to culture, science, and society. First role of great university refers to the good resources and organization of undergraduate, graduate, and professional instruction and educational opportunities for students. Second role refers to the embryonic identification, growth, and extension of concepts and ideas as well as their transformation into applications, goods, and services that enhance understanding and welfare. Third role refers to conferences, publications, artistic events and forums as well as provision of services that engage and give to the larger community including the regional, national, and international communities. The roles above can be classified into research activities and community service activities. On other hand, we can say that world class university is a university which is based on research for society’s welfare, so that great university always has great effects for the society.
One thing that affects the greatness of the university is the quality of students and lecturers. The quality of students are influenced by quality of applicant students. To get high qualities of applicant students, the selection of them should be as strict as possible so that the university gains only the best students in score. As we know, the new policy of SNMPTN 2013 is released. The new quota of “SNMPTN jalur undangan” is 50%, “SNMPTN jalur tertulis” is 30%, and “SNMPTN jalur mandiri” is 20% ( In “SNMPTN jalur undangan”, it has been decided that schools with “A” accreditation score can send 50% of their best students, while those with “B” accreditation score can send 30%, and those which got “C” can only send 15%. Meanwhile, schools who haven’t been accreditated are limited to only 5% ( This policy is very potential for cheating between students and schools. It is possible that students who wanted to be accepted in state university through jalur undangan can have “a coordination/cooperation” with their schools so that they were recomended to apply “jalur undangan”. Another reason that influence university’s quality is lecturing quality. A high quality of students and lecturers complement each other and both are very important elements in forming a high quality of university.
Lecture activities, including teaching methods should be well-designed so that students can resolve the problems in society. Students are not being filled with theories which tend to be “stiff” without trying to notice the real problem on site. It is very necessary because the society’s problem dynamics are not as simple as taught in regular college. Students should be familiarized with community to solve problems with research/scientific methods. So, from explanation above, we may say that outputs are well supported by good inputs and processes are also good.
As a big education institute, ITS must emerge cultures that are able to encourage the spirit in realizing its vision. This cultures must be emerged to ITS’s whole family, not only emerged to lecturers and students, but also emerged to employees. The cultures that can be emerged are encouraging research. Then they would be in line that ITS get the title as the “Research University”. Students will be familiar with research mindset which helps students to solve easily the problems in dynamic society.
With all of the criterias mentioned above, we think that ITS is capable enough to try to get to the “World Class University” title with a variety of resources that have been owned. To be a World Class University, it is not only measurable criteria that must be considered, but more than that, unmeasurable criteria will determine whether a university is worthy to be called “World Class Univerisity” or just a title only.


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